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AES Fundraiser.

World's Greatest Chocolate Candy Sale Begins Monday, January 30th

We are so excited to begin another year of World's Greatest Chocolate Candy bar sales. This is a huge fundraiser for our school and so important. All funds go towards needs that will benefit students, teachers and overall school improvement! (Click to read more)
AES Tornado Watch

Weekly Tornado Watch

Information is key for a successful and vibrant school. AES strives to keep all of our parents, students, teachers and community stakeholders informed. Our weekly Tornado watch is published here on our website and in our school Dojo electronic parent communication tool. You can also find information on our school Facebook page (, Instagram page (, or our our Twitter page, (Alcoa Elementary @SchoolAlcoa)
Packing Your Child's Backpack Featured Photo

Packing Your Child's Backpack

As you are packing your child's bag for school tomorrow, please add all the following items so each student has a change of clothes available:

✔️long sleeve shirt


As we enter the time of year when we may have inclement weather, please be as prepared as you can be for when the school might be dismissed early.
Make sure that your contact information on Skyward is up to date. Please have at least 3 people’s confirmed working numbers listed, in addition to you, in case we cannot reach you.
Make sure you are signed up to receive messages from Alcoa City Schools via email and text. If you have questions regarding this please call the office at
If your child is a bus rider, we will not put students on the bus for early dismissal until we have verbal/electronic confirmation from parents of the bus number your child is to ride, and the address where they’ll get off of the bus. We have to be certain that an adult will be at the bus stop to receive students, so as soon as we learn of an early dismissal- we will begin attempting to contact you to get confirmation of arrangements for your child.
STARS Program is hiring! Featured Photo

STARS Program is hiring!

The Stars Extended School Program is hiring! Those interested in applying may do so through the district website or by emailing the human resources department. Click link for more information.
Interested applicants may apply HERE.

Please reach out to the Alcoa City Schools Human Resources Department via email for questions.
[email protected]

Upcoming Events

Yoga Club

Time: 2:45 PM – 4 PM