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This Week's Behavioral Expectation Videos

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January 28- February 1, 2019
 "We Will Use Our Manners When Talking to Adults"
January 22-25, 2019
 "We Will Understand That Our Personal Best May Look Different Than Our Friends"
January 14-18, 2019
 "We Will Keep Our Area Clean and Clean Up after Ourselves" 
January 3-11, 2019
 "We Will Listen to Others When They are Talking Without Interrupting" 


December 10-19, 2018
 "We Will Use Our Walking Feet When Walking Through the School and in Our Pods"
December 3-7, 2018
 "We Will Check Our Work Before We Turn It In"
November 26-30, 2018
 "We Will Use Our Manners"
November 12-20, 2018
 "We Will Be Active Listeners When Our Teachers are Giving Directions"
November 5-9, 2018
 "We Will Try Our Hardest to Be The Best Friend We Can Be"
October 29-November 2, 2018
 "We Will Make Sure We Have Everything We Need to Start Our Day"
October 22-26, 2018
 "We Will Take Care of the Books We Borrow"
September 24-October 19, 2018
 "We Will Accept That Our Friends May Think Differently Than Us"
September 17-21, 2018
 "We Will Use Sportsmanship in Gym and on the Playground"
September 10-14, 2018
 "We Will Take Care of Our Classroom Supplies"
September 3-7, 2018
 "We Will Raise Our Hands When We Want to Speak"
August 27-31, 2018
 "We Will Treat Others The Way We Want to Be Treated" (Think How Other's Feel)
August 20-24, 2018
 "We Will Make Our Teachers Proud"
August 13-17, 2018
 "We Will Be Prepared For School Each Day"
August 6-10, 2018
 "We Will Use Our Inside Voices When Inside School"