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Art:  Welcome back to Art 2019!   This will be my sixth year teaching for Alcoa Elementary and Intermediate schools.
What's new in art?  Well, we have moved the art room to a larger space in POD 1, next to technology and guidance class, and due to the expansion of Alcoa schools, we are on an eight day rotation for kindergarten and first grade, and a seven day rotation for second grade.  At the beginning of the year, the themes for art will be based on water and summer activities, but through that I am planning to teach about color, texture, value, geometric shapes, and depth.  As the school year continues I plan to use seasons, science, video games, Alcoa's 100 year centennial to generate momentum in art class.
I am hoping to distribute some more sketchbooks to students this year to special artistic students through doing a "Donor's Choose" grant.  This year I only got funding for 10 multimedia sketchbooks, as of now, but hope to find a way to get more.  I am also hoping to put students artworks into a few local art shows. If I can manage to see students for enough time to complete their assignments before September 20, the first contest will be through the Smoky Mountain Heritage Center, and their annual "Blue Ribbon Art Show."
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