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Mr. Grant’s Art Explorations (Youtube Channel)
For the coming 2020/2021 school year I plan to have many of the lessons I share in class also available online for you through my youtube channel.  Whether you are absent, a new student/parent that is curious about my class, or in the event of a COVID19 lockdown, or if you want to rewind and rewatch it will all be there.   
Some parents asked how to subscribe, my youtube channel is:   Mr. Grant’s Art Explorations
Mr. Grant's Art Curriculum
I have created my own art curriculum for over 15 years, in order to make it relevant, and connect to the content that is important for the students at my school (like inventing One Book Blitz projects, or Common Core reading strategies taught through art as "text," learning about TN history, etc).   I have some content already created on youtube, but my plan is to begin to shift the focus to using short art therapy videos.  I feel there are some seriously desperate pains and needs in our community during this past year, and I believe it to be my mission to use art to develop young students "emotional vocabulary" in order to "feel and deal" with whatever they may be feeling and facing.  I hope to be able to give every student a sketchbook, if I can find some people to help fund this goal.  This allows for ALL students to explore with art from home.
Alcoa Art (Club) Google Classroom
I have a google classroom set up for all my students (AES/AIS), so we can meet face to face, and I can send announcements, relevant videos, students can post their artworks, etc.  We will set up Virtual Art Classroom meeting times soon.  I may create one classroom per grade level, or one per school (AIS/AES) based on the amount of students present.
To log in to the google classroom or google meet:
1.  Go to and click Sign In.
2. Sign in with your Alcoa Student Google Account.
3.  To get to the classroom on the Classes page, click Add. Join class. Google Class Code: etbutfe
4.  To get to Google Meet click on the link at the top of the page that says google meet. (If you can't find the link, you may need to access it from a laptop, because I couldn't figure it out from my Ipad.)
The link to click on is posted at the top of the page in the "Alcoa Art Club Google Classroom." 
You can also post and share an artwork on the “Alcoa Art Club” Google Classroom Page. (Code: etbutfe)