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Last Update: March 8, 2020
What's Happening in Second Grade.    March 6, 2020
  • The One Book Blitz closing kicked off Read Across America Week. Second graders enjoyed STREAM rotations throughout the day such as building towers, making sushi or sashimi, painting, making cricket houses, and symmetry projects such as fans and lanterns.
  • We are wrapping up our unit on Famous Americans. The students studied many important figures and their impact on America.
  • In math we continue to work on double-digit addition and subtraction strategies as well as measuring. 
  • Please keep an extra set of clothes in your child’s backpack in the event that they need to change due to unexpected events such as a spill, bloody nose, or a tear.
  • Please put your child’s name in permanent ink inside his or her coats, sweaters, hats, and gloves.
  • As we approach the season of bad weather, please let your teacher know of any phone number changes.  If your child is a bus rider and school has to dismiss early, we CANNOT put a child on a bus unless we have talked to a parent and we know that someone will be home when the child arrives there. If we cannot get a hold of you, your child will remain at school to be picked up at early dismissal. 

Goals & Testing:  Second grade students are expected to read books and take available AR comprehension tests throughout the year.   Students have access to a variety of books in the classroom, library, on EPIC, and various books we read in class that have AR tests. If we have read, worked with, and discussed a book in class, students are often expected to take the AR test and a comprehension score is taken. Students have several opportunities to take tests in class.  They can take a test most mornings upon arriving to class and they have opportunities at certain times during the day. Students need an average comprehension score of 80% on tests, as well as reaching their numeric goal. Students can take tests on books they have read at home if there is a corresponding test. Students just need to know the author and title to find an AR test.  To see if a book your child is reading has an AR test go to 

AR Goals will be set as follows;

  • T2-T3 students’ goals will be set using the Renaissance AR Goal Calculator with students reading 15 minutes per day.
  • All other students’ goals will be set using the Renaissance AR Goal Calculator with students reading 20 minutes per day. 
  • All students must have an accuracy of at least 80%


  • Meet AR Goal- Bling and AR Treat & Party
  • Double AR Goal- Bling, AR Treat & Party, Spotlight, and they will sit at the VIP table during lunch one day during the last week of the term (Maybe we could get Pizza if there is money available)
  • Triple AR Goal- Bling, AR Treat & Party, Spotlight, sit at the VIP table, and Principal for the Announcements or other determined options

AES Special's Rotation Schedule: 

March Special's Calendar

Second Grade & AES School Calendar
  • March 12- Pre-K Round-Up
  • March 13 - Report cards go home 
  • March 23 - First Day of the 4th 9-weeks
  • April 10 - No School Good Friday
  • April 3- PTO Spring Carnival
  • April 9- Kindergarten Round-UP
  • April 9 - International Unicorn Day (dress as a unicorn)
  • April 14- Pre K/K Transition Night
NOTE: 2nd Grade Activities & Club Meeting Days and Times:
 - Drama Club - Every Tuesday after school 2:40-4:00
 - Running Club - Every Wednesday after school 2:40-4:00
 - Choir Practice - Every Thursday after school 3:40-4:00

The best way to contact your child’s teacher is through Class DoJo or the email listed below:              

Sandy Stuart                       Angela Phelps 

Patty Honabach            Jennifer Kelly 

Caprice Richardson    Codi Dunning

Betsy James ​               Kelsi Laverdiere


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