Message From the Principal

Good Morning AES Families,

We wanted to update you on a few security and safety changes that will be taking effect immediately. Following the tragedy in Nashville at the Covenant School, there has been a lot of discussion about our school safety. At both the school and district levels we work constantly throughout the year to plan and train for our school systems safety. We are very fortunate to have a great partnership with our Alcoa Police Department who provides us with three outstanding School Resource Officers. However, safety is always an ongoing topic that we want to consider from every possible angle and continuously improve. After much discussion we have set new protocols on how to check visitors and allow entrance not only for AES but for all of our district's schools.

We will begin using these protocols immediately, and they include the following steps:

• All visitors will be greeted using the intercom system and asked how they can be helped.
• Visitors will enter the front office and be greeted by office staff again.
• All visitors will be asked to show ID before checking out a student. This will be asked even if we know the visitor, so please show patience with our front office ladies.
• Visitors other than parent/guardian will be verified in our student management system to ensure they are on that students approved list for pick up.
• Any unknown or strange visitors who request entry will be greeted at the door by administration/SRO.

We realize that some of these tasks may cause an inconvenience for parents and guardians, but we also know each of you want to have confidence that your child is safe while at school. We appreciate your patience and assistance as we implement these protocols.

We hope each of you know how much we love your children and strive to keep Alcoa Elementary School a safe, secure, and positive environment for all our students and staff.

Thank you,
Jarrod Pendergraft