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Last Update: August 11, 2019
What's Happening This Week in Second Grade:
  • This week we continued learning and practicing second grade routines and procedures.  Most students completed the STAR Reading and Math Benchmark assessment. Once all students finish,  results will be shared with parents. This is not a grade. It is a tool used to help determine a student’s growth and areas that need to be strengthened.  STAR Reading is also a component used to determine a student’s AR Gaol.
  • Second grade weekly homework is to read 20 minutes per day and keep a record of what they read.
  • First 9-week Reading Bling:  To earn Reading Bling, students must meet their personalized AR Goal with an average accuracy of 80% by September 20. 
  • Second grade will be going to the MUSE. We will go on two separate days, POD 7 on August 29 and  POD 8 on August 28. Permission forms will be sent home this week and are all due August 23. Please completely fill out the permission form.  Students must have insurance to go. If you don’t have insurance, please contact your child’s teacher.
  • Please put a change of clothes to keep in your child’s backpack in the event their clothes become soiled.

AR Goals & Testing:  Second grade students are expected to read books and take available AR comprehension tests throughout the year.   Students have access to a variety of books in the classroom, library, on EPIC, and various books we read in class that have AR tests. If we have read, worked with, and discussed a book in class, students are often expected to take the AR test and a comprehension score is taken. Students have several opportunities to take tests in class.  They can take a test most mornings upon arriving to class and they have opportunities at certain times during the day. Students need an average comprehension score of 80% on tests, as well as reaching their numeric goal. Students can take tests on books read at home if there is a corresponding test. Students just need to know the author and title to find an AR test.  To see if a book your child is reading has an AR test go to 

AES Special's Rotation Schedule:


Second Grade & AES School Calendar:
August 13 - Fall Pictures Day 
August 15-29 - Coupon Book Fundraiser
August 17 - Alcoa Foundation Gala
August 19 - No School Teacher Work Day
August 23 - Muse Field Trip Permissions Slips DUE
August 28 - Pod 8 Field Trip to the Muse
August 29 - Pod 7 Field Trip to the Muse
September 2 - No School Labor Day
September 5 - Parent Advisory Board (8:00-9:00 a.m.)
September 9-15 - Grand Parent Guest Reader Week
September 16 - Fall Pictures Make Up Day
September 27 - Duck Pond Dash

The best way to contact your child’s teacher is through Class DoJo or the email listed below:              

Sandy Stuart                       Angela Phelps 

Patty Honabach            Jennifer Kelly 

Caprice Richardson    Codi Dunning

Betsy James ​               Kelsi Laverdiere

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