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Last Update:  February 3, 2019
What's Happening This Week:
We are using informational texts and historic fiction to learn about Famous Americans.  We are understanding how historic fiction can help us better understand historic events.  Students continue to write opinions on books and/or the people we are studying and backing up their opinions with evidence from the texts.
Students are working on addition and subtraction strategies for solving double digit problems.  If your child is struggling with math there are a few things you can do to help them. Let your child help you with everyday activities that involve math such as counting loose change, helping with recipes, finding and comparing prices in grocery ads, tell time on an analog clock, and there are games you can play.  One game to play is Addition War. To play remove wild cards and face cards from a deck of cards. Divide the deck in half between two players. Each player sets the half deck face down in front of them. Players will turn over their top card at the same time. The first player to correctly state the sum of the cards, wins the round.  Winning player keeps the cards and they turn the next card over. Game ends when one person has all the cards.
AR Goals & Testing:  Students can take tests on books read at home if there is a corresponding test.  Students just need to know the author and title to find an AR test. To see if a book your child is reading has an AR test go to  
Upcoming Dates:
Feb. 4 One Book Blitz Kick-Off (Book Will Be Revealed)
Feb. 6 Candy Bar Fundraiser Kick-Off
Feb. 7 Parent Advisory 8am
Feb 18 No SchoolPresident's Day
Feb 19 No School (Teacher INSERVICE)
Feb 21 Last Day to Order One Book Blitz T-shirt (Click Here to Order:
Feb 22 Candy Bar Fundraiser Ends
Feb 25-Mar 1 Book Fair
Feb 25 Spring Picture Day
Feb 28 Family Literacy Night
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