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We are so excited to share with you memories from our previous drama clubs. Thank you so much for visiting our page. 
Drama Club Logo
 Drama Club Sponsors:
Dr. Mia Evans
Mr. Michael Bradburn
Mrs. Gigi Santos
Mrs. Jennifer Kelly
Club Meeting Day:
Meeting Location:
AES Theater
Meeting Times:
2:45 - 4:00
Parents Please be on time picking up your child. Pickup Location: Entrance Outside of Katie's Garden
AES Drama Club is proud to present our Stay-at-Home production of Crystal's Flowers for the 2020 Spring Performance. Crystal's Flowers is an adaptation of Funanya's Flowers by S.M. Selem.
Special Thanks to:
- Drama Club directors Mr. Michael Bradburn and Dr. Ms. Mia
- All of the AES Drama Club members
- All of our parents 
- Mr. Whitecotton - Video and Editing
DRAMA Club Member Expectations for 2020-2021

Reminder of Expectations for Drama Club Members are as follows:

  • Attend each Tuesday afternoon meeting. If a student misses 2 meetings regardless of the reason, they will be dismissed from Drama Club and their spot will be offered to another student. Practice will continue from week to week and missing meetings will put that student behind on their projects. 
  • The cost of the Drama Club is $20 to offset the cost of materials for the club. The $20 must be given to the Drama Club Sponsor before the first club meeting on Tuesday, October 27. Anyone not paying the fee will not be able to participate in Drama Club. (However, if you are unable to pay the fee and your child is selected, please see Ms. Mia or Mr. Bradburn to make other arrangements prior to the first meeting instead of not participating.) Collected fees will be used to purchase play licensing costs, materials for props and play backgrounds, and other program resources. 
  • Students must treat others with kindness and respect, use materials responsibly, and show their personal best by listening and following directions the first time given. 
  • Students must display a growth mindset and maintain a good attitude at every meeting. 
  • Students must show pride in their work and be willing to speak in a group. 
  • Some students may be cast for speaking parts at Night of the Arts with additional students participating as ensemble members.
  • Parents must be prepared to pick up their child promptly at 4:00 pm. Failure to respect this time will mean their child is dropped from Drama Club. If a child is picked up after 4:05 (5 minutes late) regardless of the reason twice during the Drama Club, they will be asked to not attend Drama Club anymore. Club Sponsors are volunteering their time to sponsor this club and time with their family is important.
  • Unfortunately, snacks cannot be provided this year and we will need volunteers to provide snacks. A calendar will be sent home the first week informing you of your day. If you are unable to provide snacks, please let Ms. Mia or Mr. Bradburn know ahead of time.  


If you have any questions, please see Ms. Mia or email her at [email protected]

Please enjoy our school’s first Drama Club production for the 2018-2019 school year, Night at the AES Library.

Please enjoy our school’s first Drama Club production, Night at the AES Library.


Special Thanks

Thank you so much to the volunteers sponsoring our 2018-2019 AES Drama Club:

Janee Grant, AES 2018-2019 Librarian

David Grant, AES & AIS Art Teacher

Mr. Mac, AES 2018-2019 Preschool Teacher

Mary Wilder, AES 1st Grade Paraprofessional

Patrick Whitecotton, AES Technology Coordinator

Thank you so much to our administration for supporting our club efforts and parents for allowing us to work with your child.


About the Author


S.M. Sellem is a playwright, choreographer, director, and performing arts instructor based out of New Haven, CT. She generously donated the rights for us to perform our play for free. For more information and to check out other plays by this author, please visit: