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Supply Lists

 2018-19 Pre-K Supply List

Pre-K Supply List 2018-19

 2 boxes Crayola markers 2 boxes Crayola crayons

 2 tubs of cleaning wipes (ex. Clorox)

 2-2 packs glue sticks

 1 bottle hand sanitizer


  2018-19 Kindergarten Supply List

Kindergarten Supply List

Required Supplies:  These items are needed for all students to use in the classroom




  2 boxes of facial tissue

  2 (4 pack) Black Expo© dry erase markers

  6-8 Elmer's© glue sticks

  1 (4-ounce) bottle of Elmer's© school glue


   4 boxes of CRAYOLA© 24 COUNT CRAYONS

  2 Boxes of Ticonderoga© #2 pencils sharpened

  1 pair of Fiskars© blunt tipped student scissors

  1 bottle of Purell© hand sanitizer

  2 containers of Clorox© wipes

  1 box gallon storage bags with zipper tops

  1 box sandwich bags

  1 box of band-Aids©


Other Supplies:These items are needed for the classroom, but are not required

  • White card stock
  • One pack of colored copy paper
  • Wet Wipes


Things to Remember:


Please DO NOT LABEL these items with your child's name.  They will be placed in a community supply box and used by every student.  

Please do your best to buy the specific brand, the specific number, and the specific kind of each item.  We have found through experience they seem to work the best for us.


  First Grade 2018-19 Supply List

First Grade Supply List 

ALL STUDENTS WILL NEED Headphones (no earbuds or bluetooth)

**They will need to last all year. You can choose how much you spend on them. **

 1 pair Fiskars© scissors

 2 pkgs. Ticonderoga© pencils

 2 pkgs. Pink Pearl Erasers (large eraser)

 4 pkgs. Crayola© crayons

 1 pkg. Crayola© markers (classic colors)

 1 pkg. Crayola© colored pencils

 3 pkgs. THIN Black Expo© markers

 6 three-pronged pocket folders (PLASTIC for durability)

 8 Elmer's© glue sticks

 2 boxes of tissue

 2 Large containers of Clorox© wipes

 1 box gallon Ziploc© baggies

 1 box quart Ziploc© baggies

 1 bottle of Purell hand-sanitizer

 1 Pair of Headphones for Chromebook Use


 Wish List:

Colored Copy Paper

Card Stock- White or Colored

1 box sandwich Ziploc baggies

White Index cards (loose; not spiral bound)

 Extra set of headphones


 2018-19 Second Grade Supply List

2nd Grade Supply List

IMPORTANT: ALL STUDENTS WILL NEED Headphones (no earbuds or bluetooth)

 1-pack Fine Expo© Dry Erase Markers (Black only)

 2 packs of Ticonderoga© Pencils

 1 bottle of Elmer's© Glue

 1 pack of washable markers

 2 packs of crayons

 2 boxes of tissues

 4 plastic solid color pocket folders with prongs(1-red, 1-blue, 1-green, 1-yellow)

 2 marbled Mead© Composition books

 1 pack of 3"X 3" Post-It© Notes (any color)

 1 pack Ziplock© gallon, bags (no slider)



 2 packs of Clorox© wipes

 1 pair of headphones (not earbuds) for Chromebook use


STEM Supplies Please consider sending in one of these items for our STEM/STREAM Activities:

Wish List

• Masking Tape                    • Straws

• Small Craft Sticks             • Plastic Cups

• Jumbo Craft Sticks           • Index Cards

• Pipe Cleaners                    • Coffee Filters

• Coffee Stirrers                  • Cheap Paper Plates

• White Card Stock

• Colored Copy Paper

• Large Pink Erasers (not pencil top)

• Reusable cold packs for injuries (Boo Boo Buddy Cold Packs)

• Mr. Clean© Magic Erasers

• Ziplock© (no zipper) quart, sandwich and snack size

• Extra Pair of Headphones