COVID-19 Info

School Nutrition & Cafeterias

  • All cafeteria personnel will wear plastic face shields and gloves while preparing and serving food.
  • All tables will be disinfected before and after meals and between lunches.
  • Students will be encouraged to use good distancing practices.
  • All Alcoa City Schools COVID-19 Management Protocols will be followed by School Nutrition.

Covid-19 & Virtual Learning Students & Students on a Digital Schedule

School Nutrition will be offering Virtual Learning Students (VLS) and Digital Scheduled Students meals even though they are not joining class. Meals will be offered for a week at a time containing breakfast and lunch. Meals will not be the same as meals being served in Cafeterias. Guardians will still be responsible for the cost of meals. 


Student Reduced Lunch

Student Full Pay Lunch










Guardians will need to:

  • Make a request for the meals

Meal Request Form

Printable Meal Request Form

  • Identify student
    • Student lunch code
    • Student name
  • For ease of identification, we ask Guardians to pick up the meal at the front office of the school their student is enrolled in between 9:30am-10:30am each Monday

*Cafe staff will need to take meals to front offices

  • Families will be responsible for the cost of meals based on “Reduced” or “Paid” status.
  • Families are encouraged to apply money to student accounts via e-funds to prevent exchange of money for food service in offices

Families are encouraged to apply for Free and Reduced Benefits. Online applications can be found on our website and students will also receive paper applications with their Welcome Back Packets. Families only need to fill out one (1) application per household.