Intro to Art

Welcome to Alcoa Art with Mr. Grant, I have some interesting themes planned for the year ahead to help meet several school wide themes in a fun and engaging way. 

Art Objectives  

The National Standards for Art have changed this year, see the following website for more info:  

The places that I see art standards overlapping its standards with Classroom teachers are call Arts Integration. These are some of my goals in art:

K:  Learning geometric shapes names, learning to draw basic shapes to make something greater (it doesn’t matter if its letters or drawing artworks), pattern, special awareness (positional words), sequencing of events (first, second, third), and learning fine motor skills in cutting, gluing, pasting. 

1st: All of the above, but more focus on more fine motor control and awareness of their work. I often challenge them, by asking more questions instead of giving the answers right away.  I attempt to have them to speak Common Core language, using words like “When looking at the artwork, my evidence for what I think is…”  I attempt to have them explain more about what they see in each others artworks (Art criticism) or in famous art examples, using broader vocabulary.  This may seem small, but students write the way they speak, and if they begin to speak more intelligently, it changes their writing abilities. 

2nd: All of the above, but using trying harder to have students, expressing more with writing titles, labels, and words.  In art lessons I attempt to giving more open-ended problems to solve, allowing for more complex though and challenges. I implement a lot of science connections in all grade levels K-5 because of its natural connection to exploration, beauty, and mystery.  

Ideas, Connections, or Donations? 

Would you or your child want to learn something new in art? Connections to science, music, books, math?  Have a bulk of a material you want to donate.  Let me know early so I have time to prepare, and make sure it is something that can be done on a larger scale with the rest of the students in that grade level (preparing for around 150 students or 7 classes per grade level). 

Feel free to come see me, or email me some time: