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I am very excited to be the new librarian at Alcoa Elementary for the remainder of the school year! I will be collaborating with classroom teachers at each grade level to enhance what students are learning in their classroom during my read aloud and class activities.

My goal is to provide fun and engaging opportunities for your child to learn about authors, books, important reading skills, and to encourage your child’s motivation and love for reading.

Author Spotlight

Each month a new author will be featured in the library. There will be a special bookshelf in the library highlighting books written by the featured author. We will also be reading and discussing books and/or topics related to books by that author when your child comes to class. The following authors will be featured for the upcoming quarter:

January: Jan Brett

February: One Book Blitz author (TBA)

March: Dr. Seuss

Library Classroom Routine (Kindergarten)

  1.     Movement Activity: Students will begin each class with a 1-3 minute movement activity to get “wiggles” out.
  1.     Interactive Story Movement Activity/ Check Out Books: Students will participate in a movement activity that tells a story while waiting their turn to check out books.
  1.     Read Aloud: Students are expected to sit on the carpet for the remaining 10-15 minutes of class to listen as the teacher reads a story to the class.

Library Classroom Routine (1st and 2nd grades)

  1.     Read Aloud: Students are expected to sit on the carpet for the first 10-15 minutes of class to listen as the teacher reads a   story to the class.
  1.     Library Stations/ Check Out Books: Each student in grades 1 and 2 will be assigned to a library station where they will work on a hands-on, engaging learning activity with a small group of students. They will also be introduced to new books at each station that coincide with the activity. Students will rotate to a new station each time they come to library class.
  1.     All Students are expected to begin cleaning up stations in a timely manner.

Overview of Skills To Be Taught (discussed primarily during read aloud)

We will continue practicing how to choose “just right” books to read at all grade levels:


  •       Too Easy- Knows all the words, reads very quickly with no mistakes, need more of a challenge.
  •       Just Right – Can read most of the words, but may need to sound out a few words or have help from

         an adult (have a little "growing room"), story is interesting to student.

  •       Too Hard - Feels too challenging, words are too difficult (student can read very few words on their

        own), student is confused about what is happening, and is very frustrated while reading.


Kindergarten: We will practice identifying the characters, setting, main idea, and key details in a story. We will also practice sequencing events in a story.

First: We will practice comparing and contrasting events/ characters in a story. We will also practice retelling events in a story.

Second: We will practice identifying and comparing character traits in stories, describing the structure of stories (beginning, middle, and end), and practice answering and asking questions to enhance understanding of stories.

Expectations and Rewards

Be respectful. Be Responsible. Be your best!

A “mystery person” will be chosen at the end of each class. If a student is the “mystery person” and has had excellent behavior he/she will be able to choose from the prize box. Other individual rewards (such as stickers, bookmarks, skittles) may also be given to students who demonstrate great behavior during class.

Students in each class will also be working toward a class reward for good behavior. Each class has the opportunity to earn 3 points during class for the following behaviors:

  1.     Entering the library quietly and ready to learn
  2.     All students in the entire class have great behavior that day
  3.     Cleaning up and lining up quietly

The class in each grade level that has earned the most points at the end of each 9 weeks will earn a reward for their class.

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